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What's a ring light(circle light)? How it make the video more beautiful?

2020/07/17 16:36:50
What’s a ring light?

2020 the COVID-19 destroyed all of the world, lot of government published rules to banned outdoor actives, all the people only have to stay at home. So the home live stream becomes very popular. In order to make the streamer looks more beautiful and younger; the fill-in light becomes much necessary. The ring light can meet the entire requirement, so it becomes popular this year. Except live stream, it also suit for other applications areas as follow:

A.Make up
B.Fill-in light for photograph
C.Selfie & portrait light
D.Emphasizing the details
E.Generating Color Effects

LED Ring light (some call it led circle light/selfie light) is mainly consist by 2parts: ring light and tripod.

When we take part the ring, it’s an aluminum circle with 2835 smd led. Half are warm white and others are pure white. So the color can be change to warm white-natural white-pure white.  As the warm white is belong to warm colors. So that’s why it can make the body looks gentle and beautiful.

How the ring light makes the video more beautiful?

The operational principle is high CRI (color render index)>90 or 95 + soft fill-in light. The CRI higher CRI, it will recover the body’s original colors more. So it will look more brilliance. Here a picture explained.

Mainly spec for the ring light.
Now the market mainly included 6’’ 8’’ 10’’ 12’’ 14’’ 16’’ and 18’’. Also some customization with some special size. The power range from 3watt to 30watt.

How to identify a good quality led ring light?

As above the most important part is the ring, and the led quality will directly affect its life time. So in order to have a good quality, it requires using some famous chip such as EPISTAR, CREE or OSRAM LED.
Another way is the CRI. Some products claimed with 90CRI, but when you check it by professional optic integrating sphere you will found it actually with 80CRI. So we should check the really CRI with them.
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